Dragon Quest Tact gets its first trailer, closed beta sign ups live in Japan

During the past week, Square-Enix surprised all fans of the Dragon Quest series with the announcement of Dragon Quest Tact for iOS and Android. Dragon Quest Tact is a tactical RPG based on the infamous Dragon Quest series for mobile platforms. Therefore, it features turn-based combat with charming enemies fro the series on a grid-based map. Today, the company revealed the first trailer for the upcoming mobile game and began taking registrations for an upcoming closed beta. Worth noting, that this beta, as well as the game, are exclusive to Japan. At least in this initial moment. You can watch the first teaser trailer for the game below:

The closed beta will allow 10,000 users on both iOS and Android platforms to get a first taste of the upcoming game. Players will be accepted for the test on February 27th with the program going on until March 5th. You can sign up in the source link until February 24th at 9:59 AM in Japan. You can check out the official Japanese website if you want to know all the details for the game. Unfortunately, everything about this game remains exclusive to Japan.

There’s no word about an English released until now. Since it is a Dragon Quest game, you can never be sure about its localization. Even on consoles, there are some Dragon Quest games that never made its way to the West. However, with the recent success of Dragon Quest XI in PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch, we believe that Square-Enix is looking at the western players with different eyes now.



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