Ultimate Rivals developers Bit Fry Game Studios lands $3.5 million investment

The developers of the game Ultimate Rivals – Bit Fry Game Studios – raised $3.5 million in funding thanks to an extensive contribution from Xbox co-creator Ed Fries’ 1up ventures and Bitkraft Esports Ventures. The investment aims to help the studio to keep supporting Ultimate Rivals series, which has been experiencing sudden growth. The franchise debuted late last year through the launch of Ultimate Rivals: The Rink on Apple Arcade.

The studio has a big goal of expanding the series into a competitive space. Therefore it aims to cover more sports through future titles. The company is already running to build up licensing agreements with several professional sports organizations. As a result, the game currently features licensed athletes from the NHL, NBA, NFL Players Association. Moreover, MLB, WNBA, and the US Women’s National Soccer Team Players Association are also present. There are even retired legends like Wayne Gretzky. Additional athletes will come over time, ensuring long-term depth in the game.

iPhone showing “Ultimate Rivals: The Rink”

That $3.5 million investment accompanies news that two new VP-level hires – Nick Caras as VP of competitive gaming strategy and Hali Oughton as VP of community and engagement – have joined the team. They will support Bit Fry’s competitive gaming aspirations. “Ultimate Rivals” gives anyone the ability to play with their favorite athletes in exciting arcade action. Moreover, It features smooth, 60FPS, tight controls, leading-edge visuals, and sound design.

We believe that the game will remain an Apple Arcade exclusive.


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