GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

We all having been looking forward for the launch of a new interesting action game which would keep us busy during our leisure time. I want to use this medium to also thank all the programmers that has been endeavouring to bring to existence different genres of games ranging from the action, arcade, puzzle, strategy, etc. There been rumor and speculation about the Gwent: The Witcher Card game. I bring good news to the gamers in respect of this game. CD Projekt Red has just confirmed that GWENT: The Witcher Card Game will be launched on Android on March 24, and if you check it, you would find out it is a lot sooner than we expected for this game. This information was announced in a brand new teaser trailer that shows off what you can expect from this action game called GWENT: The Witcher.


Still talking about this game, you have the previllage to choose your preferred hero and each of this heros, has their different skills and abilities to suite your game style. Furthermore, you can also send troops, and spells as you make great efforts to achieve upper hand against your opponent on the game. I cant wait for this game to be available for Android so i can start playing and choose my heros too. I am still a huge fan of video games and i promise to keep you all updated with all recent and newly released video games as soon as possible so you all won’t miss any part.


Interestingly, This game is a card battler. In this case, it features similar activities to the likes of Hearthstone, but it’s one of the most special and well programmed game which has come to notice.

I urge on you all game lover to head on over to Google Play today and pre-register for this ace upcoming card battler that will be launched on the 24 of March for all Android users.


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