Overdrive City Racing Game Available for Android

The Overdrive City Racing Game is an addition to the Car Racing games genre. Everyone who loves racing would be so delighted with this game which is currently available on Google play store for android users. As a gamer, you would come to realize that this game was well programed with exciting features to suite your driving style. Talking about this Game, you have the full control of manufacturing an absolute ton of cars with fully licenced models from the likes of porsche, Ford and BMW to ,meet you car taste and style.

The programmers of th Overdrive City Racing Game tried alot in making some interesting features available in this game and one of this features is ensuring that there is alot a race to participate in for those who loves different kinds of racing environments. The most interesting part of it is that you will have your own garage where you can part all your sports cars, classics and superspeed cars that you can show off anytime you want. In this game, the programmers made it very possible for you to customize all of the cars to suite the style you’ve ever desired. This game is one of a kind and when it come to choosing an interesting car race game to install, Overdrive City Racing Game got you all covered. Still talking about this game, There is a career mode that features 60 races and trials, which raises the numbers of races to participate in to over 1000.

Most racing games dont have quater of the event and races that the Overdrive City Racing Game has. In terms of the graphic and sound of this game, the programmers also ensured to give out the best you can ever imagine in a video game. If you are indeed a lover of Racing, head on over to Google Play right now and install Overdrive City today.

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