PUBG Mobile Gets Highest Grossing Mobile Game Tag For January 2020

When it comes to mobile gaming, PUBG Mobile has shared a huge chunk of success and popularity. In fact, the game is very much responsible for the sudden interest of consumers & brands towards mobile gaming platform. According to the recent data, PUBG Mobile has managed to become the highest-grossing mobile game for the month of January. For those who’re unaware, this is the fifth time that the game is topping the chart.

This data is coming from Sensor Tower that categories it into three categories namely Overall Revenue, App Store Revenue, and Google Play Revenue. The mobile battle royale game has managed to top the chart in the overall revenue section making it the highest-grossing mobile game. Surprisingly, Tencent has another game on the list that goes by the name Honor of Kings.

As per the chart, Candy Crush Saga is the new game that managed to hit the third position on the list. In fact, the gross number for the game has significantly increased. Candy Crush’s developing company King is planning to bring another classic game dubbed Crash Bandicoot to the mobile platform. It is worth mentioning that Pubg Mobile has not topped the charts when it comes to the remaining criteria. We’re talking about the App Store revenue along with the Google Play revenue.

As you can see from the chart, Honor of Kings bagged the first place in App Store revenue whereas Lineage 2M topped the Google Play revenue chart. Looking at the previous stats, PUBG Mobile generated $176.3 million revenue way back in January 2019, By September 2019, the revenue growth went up to a massive 540%. Most of the revenue comes from China.

With that said, we’re expecting PUBG Mobile to continue to follow the trend. It is worth noting that none of the PUBG Mobile competitors ended up on the list.

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