Dragon Raja Hits Google Play Store

The game universe is growing rapidly and we all have come to an agreement that Games have proven to be a very important gift to kill boredom and also to keep our fun lives alive. Gamers must attest to the fact that programmers are doing a very good job and they need to be praised for that. An example of such games which is a gift to all gamers is the Dragon Raja game which arrives at Google Play Store a few days ago. This game is one of the best from its programmers.

Archosaur Games, the developer behind mobile MMORPG hit World of Kings, has also gone far as to launch the Dragon Raja on Android so that the fun will not be only for the iOS users alone, but for both iOS and Android respectively. The Dragon Raja features real-world locations to be explored by players. This is to say, There is a huge world to explore, with a full day and night cycle, weather effects and a wide variety of biomes. You can visit real-world locations like Tokyo and Siberia, with recognizable locations recreated in this game.

Talking more about this game, there is a real-time combat system, deep character customization, and a wide variety of gameplay modes to check out. This is to say, you have all the privilege to choose and also customize your character to your taste and style for the game. You can also choose your preferred combat styles and skills to stand out. Interestingly, the programmer made sure to give out the best by providing different game modes to make the game more fun and interesting for all gamers who love to play the Dragon Raja game.

What are you waiting for? go ahead and install the Dragon Raja game right now on Google Play. This is a mobile MMORPG that’s well worth checking out.


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