Call of Duty Mobile: Activision Offering Price and Other Legendary COD MW Characters For Free

Back in October 2019, Activision launched its battle royale game to the mobile platform dubbed simply Call of Duty Mobile. With this mobile battle royale, the company is trying to compete with the all-time popular PUBG Mobile. In the first week, the game managed to break the record of 100 million downloads. Now, the same game developer has launched the Call of Duty Warzone for the non-mobile gamers out there. In fact, the all-new Warzone brings innovative take on the battle royale separating itself from the crowd.

Well, we’re not here to talk about the COD Warzone. Turns out, Activision is offering some legendary characters from the popular COD Modern Warfare franchise to the COD Mobile gamers. But, there’s a catch though.

Install COD Warzone and Get One of the Three Legendary COD MW Characters

Call of Duty Mobile

In order to get one of the three legendary COD Modern Warfare franchise characters, you need to install the all-new Warzone on your PC/PS4/Xbox One. It is worth mentioning that the new Warzone has managed to cross 15 million players milestone soon after the launch. It seems like the Activision wants more and more players to try out the new offering. Well, if you decided to do so, then you can enjoy any one of the three legendary characters from COD Modern Warfare. We’re talking about John Price, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley and Gaz. All three are one of the most popular gaming characters.

If that sounds interesting, then you can go ahead and follow the below-mentioned steps to get these characters for free.

  1. First up, you need to download the COD Warzone on your console or PC. If you haven’t already, we will recommend opening the COD Mobile and heading over to the Events section. In the section, you will find a mission called ‘Task 141 – Warzone’.
  2. From this mission, you will be able to download the COD Warzone. Don’t worry, if you have already installed the game, then you have to make sure that both the accounts are connected to each other.
  3. To link both the different games together, you need to use the same login credentials. This will link the game together allowing you to get these characters for free.
  4. Once the linking is done, you will receive free special coins for trade. It will be credited within 72 hours so you might need to wait for a while.

With these special coins, you will be able to choose any one of the three legendary characters. Well, that’s all you have to do. Personally, I went with Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley for myself. Make sure to let me know about your choice in the comment section below.


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