PUBG Mobile Guide: Here are the Tips to Reduce Weapon Recoil

PUBG Mobile is no doubt the best battle royale that you can play on your mobile devices. With the success of PUBG Mobile, various games developing company has started focussing on the smartphone sector. Although the entire battle royale experience is pretty fun, some gamers struggle to find their way across and get some kills.

If you’re new to the PUBG Mobile, then you might already be facing issues with the weapon recoil. Well, each weapon in the game has different levels of recoil. Furthermore, the recoil also depends on numerous factors throughout the game. If you’re looking to ace your gaming experience, you need to focus on the aiming skill. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Best Tips to Reduce Weapon Recoils in PUBG Mobile

Practice Aiming

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The very first thing that you need to do in order to increase your aiming skill is to practice it. The more you practice on the field, the more you will learn about the guns and how to control it. Furthermore, there are various fire modes that also changes the recoil levels to some levels. We will recommend following the 50m distance for aiming and shooting.

Furthermore, you should switch to single fire mode for the 50m distance. For the short-range battle i.e. under 10m, you can make use of the Burst mode.


Now, when it comes to the recoil levels of the gun, the scope also tends to weigh in. For instance, if you use large scopes on ARs and SMGs, they tend to recoil a bit larger than usual. To fix this situation, you need to follow the simple rule. Small scopes such as 2x or Red dot is for ARs and SMGs while the large scopes such as 4x and 6x are what you have to pair with snipers and DMR.


Apart from scopes, PUBG Mobile offers numerous attachments to its weapons. Each attachment serves a certain purpose. Well, you can use it to your advantage in order to control the recoil levels. You can make use of grips, compensators, check pads and stock to keep the recoil as minimum as possible.

Find your Style

It’s always best to find your own style of playing PUBG Mobile. Although you can read numerous tips and tricks all over the web, the thing is they are quite relative and might not work for every player out there. The best bet that you can take is finding your style. Once you are able to find the right weapon choice for you, then you, my friend, can definitely control that annoying recoil levels.

With the steps mentioned above, you will be able to improve your aiming skills which will eventually result in a better overall gaming skill.



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