Disney Plus Might Soon Arrive on Nintendo Switch: Release Date, Timeline and More

The online content streaming market has suddenly witnessed a huge shuffle with new companies trying to step in the business. Disney recently pushed its own media streaming service called Disney+. The platform competes with the likes of Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu. With Disney Plus, the company is teasing a vast amount of content which includes movies and TV shows from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and Disney.

In fact, Disney+ recently launched an original series called The Mandalorian under the Star Wars franchise. Overall, Disney is promising a wide range of content to its potential customers. The streaming service is already available on major platforms such as Android, iOS and web versions.

Disney Plus for Nintendo Switch: Release Date and More

With the increasing popularity of Nintendo Switch, it seems like the Disney Plus streaming service might soon make its way to the console. The fact that the console promotes portability and is immensely popular among children might convince Disney to bring the app. After all, Disney itself has a wide range of content focussing on Children alone. Considering the aggressive market, it makes sense for the company to expand to gain millions of new audience members.

Disney, back in April 2019, hinted towards the arrival of its streaming service on Nintendo Switch. Since then, the company hasn’t confirmed any development. As of now, the only content streaming services available on the platform are Hulu and YouTube. Furthermore, the console hasn’t been able to garner huge attention towards its capabilities.

As of now, there is no official information from the company regarding the service hitting the Switch consoles. It is also worth noting that Disney Plus is still in the growing stages and is making its way to numerous markets. Whenever the official information surfaces on the web, we’ll make sure to update our readers.


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