Nintendo Switch Sale: More Than 300 Games Discounted, Up to 80% Off in Europe

It’s that time of the year when Nintendo announces its popular Spring Switch Sale where the company offers massive discounts on various titles. The sale will commence this Thursday, 2nd April at 15:00 CEST. With the sale right around the corner, we now have some key details on it. Nintendo Europe has now revealed what we can expect from the sale itself.

Nintendo Switch Spring Sale Offers Revealed

According to their recent tweet, more than 300 games are going to be a part of this massive sale. You heard it right. To top things off, we’re looking at up to 80% discount on various gaming titles. As you might have guessed already, these particular details are only applicable for the European market. Sadly, we haven’t heard anything from the North American division yet. Since the date is right around the corner, we should be hearing more about the North America region.

It is also worth mentioning that Nintendo North America has not even confirmed the existence of Spring Sale as of now. Although the chances are slightly low, we might see some different schedules for this region. With that said, if you’ve been planning to buy new titles, then this might be the perfect timing for that. Once the sale begins, we’ll make sure to bring you the list of games that you can purchase.


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