WHO – From Calling Gaming Addiction A Disorder To Recommending Playing Video Games

In light of COVID-19 WHO recommends playing video games as a safety measure. People need to stay indoors and for that best thing to do might be gaming, thanks to multiplayer games we can play with our friends and have a good time pass. Hence, the WHO has now recognized that video games could be the next best recommendation for social distancing. Director-General of WHO Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus himself has called the playing of video games a good means for individuals to not only isolate but also connect socially in the comfort of their homes.

WHO - From Calling Games A DisOrder To Recommending Playing Video Games
WHO – From Calling Gaming Addiction A Disorder To Recommending Playing Video Games
But do you know what the biggest irony is?

Back in 2018, the World Health Organization said that playing video games creates strong feelings of pleasure and reward in the brain. And in some cases, that can lead to addictive behavior. Hence, the WHO listed gaming addiction as a mental health condition. This news got trending, many gamers were triggered by this news. Especially the parents, as they were worried that their gamer child may have this disorder. And of course, many gamers were disappointed with this. Many experts also disagreed with WHO, they stated that extreme gaming is a sign of other problems, saying that some people use video games to help with nervousness or depression.

Now, this isn’t to backlash WHO, of course, the World Health Organization is no less than heroes in our lives who are giving us proper pre-cautions on fighting COVID-19. But it is to know that gaming is not a mental disorder. It is just a hobby like watching movies and reading books. There are people who like to play games, rather than reading a book or just watching movies. Hence, I think WHO at least should take their words back on calling addiction to games a mental disorder.

Which game are you playing these days? Do let us know in the comments section. For now, just stay indoors & enjoy time playing games!

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