Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Kicks Off, Brings 2v2 Mode & Team Play Event

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 recently kickstarted bringing various new additions to the table. The new season along with the battle pass will last for one month. As expected, the buyers will definitely get a plethora of goodies along with a chance to unlock a new character. The goodies will include skins, credits, frames and much more.

The key highlight of the new season is four different added events namely April Fools’ day mission, Team Play event, 2v2 mode, and Jester’s trove. To access all these events, you, of course, have to visit the event tab in the game.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: All You Need to Know About New Events

Talking about the events in detail, let’s first take a look at the Team Play event. In this event, you will have to complete various challenges with your friends in matches. Completing this event will result in three rewards namely Easter ’20 frame, UL736 rifle reticulated skin, and boat with easter ’20 camo.

The other much-awaited mode is the 2v2 showdown event in which, as expected, there is a team of two players. You can also earn numerous rewards in this event by completing in-game challenges. The challenges are quite straightforward such as “Play 1 match” and “kill 10 enemies”. The final reward is the XPR 50 sniper rifle.

Players can also unlock the “Fool’s hat” event by playing up to 25 matches. You can then exchange for various rewards such as camo BK57 AR or cubic illusion DL Q33. It is worth noting that this event will end on April 5. Call of Duty Mobile is allegedly also planning to host a championship event soon.


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