Coronavirus Outbreak: Nintendo Switch Shipping Temporarily Halted in Japan

Earlier today, Japan declares the State of Emergency in seven prefectures including the capital, Tokyo due to Coronavirus outbreak. As a result of this measure, various gaming companies will remain close resulting in a delay of upcoming gaming titles. Apart from this, Nintendo Switch console’s shipping will also take a major hit. In fact, Nintendo notified its fans in Japan this morning on the sale of the consoles.

Nintendo Switch Shipping Delays Due to Coronavirus Pandemic


Nintendo Japan recently posted on its official Twitter account updating fans on some key details. As per their tweet, the shipping of the consoles will temporarily be put on hold. This includes Switch, Switch Lite and the recently announced Animal Crossing Limited Edition. The company will only ship out the consoles to those buyers who reserved it until this week. This means no new order will be catered due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Apart from Japan, various other countries such as the US and Europe are also facing stock issues and shipment delays.  Last week one of Nintendo spokesperson reported that the company is still facing stock issues even though numerous efforts are being made to fix that. With that said, if you are planning to buy Nintendo Switch consoles anytime soon, then you might not be able to get your hands on one.

If any new developments come in from the company, we will make sure to keep our readers updated. On a separate note, Nintendo Europe is currently hosting its Spring Sale 2020 which you might want to check. More than 300 games are up for grabs with up to 80 percent discount.


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