Fancade For iOS and Android Offers Thousands on Mini-Games For Free

Developed by Martin Magni, Fancade is the arcade game application that has managed to create a lot of buzz since its launch. The application is quite unique considering it is a video game creation toolset as well as a distribution platform. Fancade offers a huge library of games that one can play on a mobile platform which includes Android and iOS.

The application takes mobile gaming to the next level by offering so many made-for-mobile games covering various genres. The key aspect of this game is the addition of bite-sized mini-games that can easily work on a touchscreen smartphone. It even has a full single-player campaign to keep things interesting for the player.


Furthermore, the levels available are taken from the game’s early access period. This means that the developer will keep on adding more content to the game. Considering the current library. we can expect the Fancade to groow and improve with the time. If that happens, then we might be able to see some solid interesting and fun titles.

Apart from just playing simple fun games, you can make your own games using the app itself. This means that we might see some impressive content from the community as well. Another key part of the app is that you can play games offline for free.

Fancade is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store which is great. Of course, there are ads inside the application and you would have to shell out some bucks to remove them. The developers are offering a monthly or yearly plan to remove the ads from the game.


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