How To Reach Ace Tier Easily In Season 12 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is currently at the eighth week of Season 12. This means this is the end of a season and the start of a new one. And at this point, players are increasing their tiers as much as possible. Or in other words, I should say “Rank Pushing”. I am playing random squads these days, and maximum times I am getting people who are and pushing. So if you are also in Rank Pushing mode, here are a few tips to reach Ace tier easily in season 12 of PUBG Mobile. But first, get an idea of which tier you want to reach.

Well, you might have a question, why not rank push to Conqueror and why people want to reach the Ace tier so bad? In my opinion, the Ace tier is very easy to do compared to Conqueror. You need to do 12 Ace stars to reach Conqueror, and believe it or not it is a very hard job. Secondly, by reaching the Ace tier you will be rewarded by a parachute which you can use to show-off. So now since you have an idea of where you want to reach, here are the tips:

Land In Far Away Hot Drops

Georgopol Wallpapers - Top Free Georgopol Backgrounds ...
Landing Safe is a must for rank pushing. But landing safe with good loot is better

Check out the Aeroplane route, and check out the hot drops which are far away from the route of Aeroplane. A good thumb of a rule would be, that if you need a vehicle to reach that place, that means that’s a safe hot drop. Hot drops include Georgpol, Novo & Military Base in the Erangle map. The advantage you would have is that firstly you will get good loot. Secondly, when you are done looting there would be less than 40 people alive. And hence the chances of your points being deducted would be less.

Don’t Go For Fights

Un poco camper. | PUBG •MOBILE• Amino
You are allowed to camp when rank pushing. Personally, I hate being a SNAKE

Taking fights should not be your first option until your enemy is attacking you badly. Now it totally depends on the scenario. If a squad is nearby, you better hide. But you should rush in scenarios like; if you see a single-player roaming around with no team might insight, and you have a good angle on them.

Opt For High Grounds

Steam Community :: Guide :: PUBG Hottest loot spots
Like this, be on the top, take the advantage!

This is my final tip, and this tip is applicable especially to the last circles. When there are a few people left, you should take the high ground. As well as in any fight take that cover. When playing safe and my teammates are nearby, I usually climb to the rooftop of homes and wait for the enemies to come. I will let one member distract the enemy while I surprise them from the roof!

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