Spiritus Upcoming Open-World RPG For Mobile Devices

Spiritus is an upcoming game from TinyNerd for mobile devices. The open-world RPG with a pixel art style will be getting a pre-alpha release in the coming month. While the full release may take some more time. In Spiritus, you wander around an endless ever-changing world looking for your true purpose. During your journey, you will have to face a variety of enemies, build relationships, and improve your combat skills.

There are missions that include finishing off the bandits, explore dungeons, and many more. To fight your enemies, there is a library to study magic and discover powerful potions that will help you throughout the journey. You’ll also be able to learn spells so that you can defeat your enemies and have an edge over them.

The game is based during the time of the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. There are multiple biomes to explore from the cold tundra to the dry deserts. You can also observe the wildlife that lives there. You can discover and observe the 50+ species of wild animals. During your journey, you can collect the rarest materials to create the most strong potions. And not all characters will be your enemy, you can build relationships with characters that will guide you about the stories and memories of this world. The game will be controlled through swipes for both movement and combat.

Spiritus is a stylish, ambitious open-world RPG for mobile ...

Some people love the pixel art style, hence it will be a great experience to discover the biomes in Spiritus. If you also like open-world exploration as well as doing missions then be ready for the Pre-Alpha version of the game. The Pre-Alpha is said to come at the end of June 2020. The game will be free-to-play although there will be ads in the game. You can join Spiritius Discord for more information regarding the game.

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