Nimbus Plus Is New SteelSeries Wireless Controller For Apple Devices

Steelseries Nimbus controllers have been the official gaming controller for Apple devices. But now Steelseries have brought the latest and updated controller, called Nimbus Plus. With features like clickable joysticks and ultra-responsive triggers, the new Nimbus Plus also promises an impressive 50-hour battery life.

The controller can be used on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and Mac. Nimbus Plus also comes with iPhone (MFi) certification, meaning it can be used for third-party apps. You can search which games are supported by the controller and do optimized button mapping. The controller also has fast re-connections.

Nimbus+ also has a better feel. There are clickable joysticks and ultra-responsive triggers and buttons. One more pro of this controller is the Nimbus+ iPhone Mount, which comes with the controller. The mount will allow you to attach your phone with the controller. It will make gaming on your iPhone easier.

Craig Olson, President of Worldwide Mobile at Steelseries says:

With its iPhone Mount and an amazing 50 hours of battery life, Nimbus+ is the ideal companion to games on the App Store and Apple Arcade that feature controller support such as Sneaky Sasquatch, Butter Royale, and Crossy Road Castle.

We’ve added many other new features, making Nimbus+ the new global standard in mobile gaming performance.

SteelSeries Nimbus Plus Controller Price and Availability

This controller is very similar to SteelSeries’ Stratus Duo controller. The Stratus Duo Controller is for Android devices while Nimbus Plus is especially for Apple products. You can buy the Nimbus Plus controller now for  $69.99 on the Apple official website. Just for a comparison, the controller costs $10 more than its preceddsor. and $20 more from the Stratus Duo. The controller will also be available on the SteelSeries official website starting from May 26th.

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