Skystone Games is a new game studio founded by industry veterans


Two longtime industry veterans David Brevik and Bill Wang partnered in the creation of Skystone Games. It’s a new studio whose objective is to develop and publish multiplatform games for a global audience under the new label. According to the dup, Skystone Games will support talented developers from around the world through publisher-developer relationships built to support and collaborate.

“We envision Skystone Games as a global developer and publisher of multiplatform video games, with the aim to provide creative guidance and global publishing services. In this way, we help talented designers make better quality games and market to a global audience,”
– Bill Wang, Skystone’s CEO.

Skystone already signed two games – Undying (Vanimals) and Spaceline Crew (Coffenauts). These games will go official in the near future. Furthermore, they will further endorse the presence of this brand new studio.

Skystone Games
“One of the biggest joys in this industry is uncovering hidden gems. The projects that are absolutely special but don’t ever really get the attention they deserve. That’s a problem we want to help solve”. “Our team has a proven track record of doing just that. Moreover, we want to shine a spotlight on the sort of talent. After all, it deserves recognition in this competitive world.”


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