Fortnite Can Now Be Played At 90 FPS On OnePlus 8

Recently, we got the news that Fortnite has crossed $1 billion in lifetime player spending on the App Store and Google Play, in just over two years after its release. With  350 million registered users, Fortnite is one of the top Battle Royales for mobile devices. And now to provide a better experience, OnePlus is partnering with Fortnite to provide 90 fps Fortnite experience on the OnePlus 8.

Fortnite Can Now Be Played At 90 FPS On OnePlus 8

Taking out the advantage of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and 90Hz refresh rate display, Fortnite is able to run at 90 fps on OnePlus 8 devices. The irony is that this is even beyond console level, and taking up this opportunity OnePlus Pete Lau, Founder & CEO of OnePlus says:

The OnePlus 8 Series delivers a smooth, high framerate Fortnite gameplay experience – that even current generation console game systems can’t match. OnePlus creates the best devices for mobile gaming through our industry-leading display, speedy performance, and overall user experience designed with power-users in mind

For a comparison, Fortnite on Switch is locked at 30 FPS. While the topic consoles including PS4 and Xbox One are capable of around 60 FPS. The highest for now apart from PC of course is the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro can go up to 120 FPS, which is actually super impressive. But the 120 FPS also comes with a con, it is only available for low graphical settings. The same might be the case for OnePlus 8. But it is still better than all other mobile devices that are locked at 60 FPS.

Fortnite Can Now Be Played At 90 FPS On OnePlus 8

This is the fastest frame rate support for a smartphone right now

This is first time a smartphone is getting 90 FPS support for Fortnite. Hopefully, we will see other phones getting the support of this feature in the near future. Fortnite is a free to play game and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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