PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update: Monster Truck Will Be The New Vehicle

After releasing the version 0.18.0, PUBG Mobile developers are now working on another massive update called version 0.19.0. Like the previous update, the next update will also bring some new interesting additions to the gameplay. We have already talked about the all-new Fourex map that will make an appearance. For those who’re unaware, the Fourex map is basically a combination of all the currently existing maps in the battle royale game. Apart from this new map, we will also see a new vehicle in the game. We’re talking about the loved Monster Truck.

PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Will Bring Monster Truck to GamePlay

PUBG Mobile

As per the recent emerging leaks, we will see a new vehicle in the gameplay namely Monster Truck. The new vehicle will be a part of the upcoming Fourex map meaning we might not see it on the currently available maps. It makes sense since Fourex map will see different terrains making it hard for players to travel using the current vehicle roster. In such a scenario, Monster Truck will definitely come out to be a core part of the new map.

With this new vehicle, players will easily be able to climb up and down the mountains or high areas. In terms of speed, we’re looking at a maximum speed of 82km/hr. This is quite slow when compared with the existing vehicles and their maximum speed. Furthermore, you can drive the vehicle underwater, on snow-covered lands, iced areas and more.

PUBG Mobile

One thing Monster Truck is going to pose a solid disadvantage is going to be the in-vehicle combat. It will be easy for the opponent to burst the tire of the vehicle. Furthermore, the truck will expose your body meaning you can take some solid damage during your gaming session. Apart from this, we are very excited about seeing this new addition to the gameplay.

Are you excited for the Monster Truck in PUBG Mobile game as well? If that’s the case, then share your excitement by hopping down in the comments section below.


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