PUBG Mobile Guide: Everything You Need to Know About New AG Currency

With the new 0.18.0 update, PUBG Mobile has introduced yet another in-game currency and this one goes by the name Ace Gold or AG. We now have four different currency option in the game namely Battle Points, Silver Fragments, UC and the all-new AG. With all these options in the game itself, things might get confusing for you. That is why we decided to create yet another PUBG Mobile guide. In this guide, we will take a look at the new Ace Gold or AG currency and will show you methods to earn them for free.

PUBG Mobile AG In-Game Currency Guide

Like with other currencies in the PUBG Mobile game, the player can earn the AG cash for free by completing certain sets of missions. Once a decent number is collected, you can go ahead and spend them on various outfits, skins and items. To do that, you will need to head over to the Shop and Redeem section of the game. Apart from just buying times, you can also use the AG cash to buy silver fragments – 1400 AG cash will give you 196 silver coins. Apart from this, you can also use this new cash to earn UC – 400 AG cash can give you 30 UCs.

You might now be wondering how to earn the AG cash for free in PUBG Mobile.

How to Earn AG Cash For Free in PUBG Mobile

Like with Battle Points and Silver Fragments, you can earn AG cash by completing missions in various events which keeps on coming throughout the season. Well, we will discuss some of the currently available missions that you can complete to earn the AG cash.

  • Desert Tourist Missions: You can find this set of missions in the achievement section. By completing all the Tourist missions, you can earn around 150 AG cash. It is worth noting that these missions are only available in Mad Miramar map in classic mode. The missions are quite simple and straightforward. We’re talking about things such as using energy drink once, using Molotov, killing an enemy via Golder Mirado and more.
  • Scrambler II Missions: With this set of missions, you can earn around 100 free AG cash. Just like the previous one, the missions are quite simple and easy. You need to play 5 matches in the Bluehole mode. That’s it.
  • Lifelong Learner Achievement: In this section, you need to play 30 matches in the all-new Brothers in Arms mode. Once completed, you will get 100 free AG cash.
  • Bullseye Missions: This is a part of the Social Mission list. While playing in the Shooting range in the Cheer park, you need to earn more than 75 points for 50 times. Once done, you will get 200 AG cash. Pretty simple, right?
  • Elite Communicator: In this, you need to send 30 radio messages in the Chat channel. Doing this will give you another 100 free AG cash.

With the help of these five missions, you can earn 650 AG cash for free which is a pretty sweet deal. Apart from all these, there are numerous in-game events that come every now and then and gives the new AG cash as a reward.


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