PUBG Mobile Guide: Flare Guns Location for the new Mad Miramar Map

With the new update, PUBG Mobile has revamped the original Miramar map by adding new graphical improvements, features and more. The battle royale game is calling the new revamped map – Mad Miramar. Like every map in the game, there are some locations where you can find the Flare Guns. If you’re unaware, Flare Guns is one of the core aspects of PUBG Mobile. Using the Flare gun, the player can summon an airdrop that contains Level 3 equipment along with powerful guns that you will not find lying around in the game.

That is the reason why an airdrop has become a crucial part of the battle royale and if you really want to up your chances of winning, then you need to get your hands on one of this. With the new Mad Miramar map, the developers have shuffled the location of Flare guns a bit making it hard for players to find it. If that’s the case for you too, then you have entered the right realm of the internet. In this guide, we will reveal all the locations of Mad Miramar map where you can find the mighty Flare gun.

PUBG Mobile: Where to Find Flare Guns in the All-New Mad Miramar Map

PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Flare Gun Location

Before we talk about the location of the flare guns, it is necessary to discuss the things that you can get from the summoned airdrop. The level 3 accessories include generally includes level 3 helmet and level 3 vest. The level 3 bag, on the other hand, rarely comes in the airdrop. That is why you can easily find the level 3 backpack throughout the map. Apart from level 3 equipment, we’re looking at powerful guns such as AWM, MK14, Groza and M249. You can sometimes also get the 8x scope along with a powerful sniper in the airdrop. With that said, let’s look at the possible location of Flare guns in the new Mad Miramar map.

  • Pecado: Arena, the Casino, the Hotels or the L-buildings
  • Prison: The Brick house
  • Hacienda Del Patron: the popular Villa
  • Graveyard: Church or the burial ground
  • Impala: The Church
  • Power Grid: Warehouses
  • Los Leones: The brick warehouses, yellow restaurants, tall office buildings
  • El Pozo: Boxing Ring
  • Monte Nuevo: Coliseum
  • San Martin: Sadly, no fixed location

These are the ten locations where you can find the Flare guns easily in the Mad Miramar map. As you might have guessed already, each part of the map has certain buildings where you can find the flare gun and this keeps on changes. That is why we have listed all the possible building in a particular location of the map. With San Martin, things are a bit trickier since there is no fixed location for the same.

Apart from just these location, you can also find the flare gun in the middle of the Sandstorm.  In the middle, you will find a placed airdrop with no smoke coming out of it. Inside the drop, you can find the flare gun which you can then use to summon your own airdrop. Since this is the hot place, you will definitely find some solid resistance there.


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