Pandemia: Virus Outbreak Back In Play Store After 2 Months Suspension With A Discounted Price

From an indie developer PocketsOfEnergy, Pandemia: Virus Outbreak is a simulation game where you have to save the world from a deadly virus. Well, this sounds weird considering we are already protecting ourselves from the virus in real life and now we have to do the same in-game. And not just me, but even Google Play Store found it negative and removed it from Play Store. The game was first released in April 2020, which was actually a bad time for its release. Although, the developers claim that they have been working on the game since 2017. The good news for the developers is that the game is now available after two-months of suspension!

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak

The game story is the opposite of Miniclip’s Plague Inc. As in Plague Inc., you have to infect people with plague while in Pandemia: Virus Outbreak you have to save the world. And in Pandemia, it is a more card-based game where you have to select your decisions by swiping cards. You have to swipe cards to face the deadly virus threat in this story-driven strategy game.

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak

Decision making is the skill required to ace the game. In this game, every decision you make will have consequences. You can use a strategic map to influence your decisions to manage the virus outbreak. While you have to keep your finances in mind too. You have to research the virus and find a cure. but also keep people’s mood and other factors in mind.

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak is available now on Play Store, as a premium title priced at $3.49. But now, a limited-time sale will let you buy the game for $1.50. The game is also available on Steam for $2.50. So the question is are you ready to swipe cards left or right to make decisions on how to save the world from deadly viruses?

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