58 Android Games that are free or in offer for a limited time (29/05/2020)

On these days of quarantine, what’s better to play games? To help you, we’re building a huge list of 58 Android games that are currently being offered for free or that are in offer.  Many of these titles are known games, while some aren’t. However, it’s your best chance to test some of them. There are some popular titles like Horizon Turbo Chase that are being offered with a nice discount. So now it’s time to get your smartphone and download all the free games and buy the ones that you’re most interested in.

There are some hints to consider:
  • Paid games are available for free just for a limited time.
  • If you don’t have enough room in your phone, start the download and then cancel. This way, you’ll add the game to your library.
  • Discounts on paid games are available for a limited time. Don’t lose time if you want any of them.

Free Games

Free Games

On the free games font, we have some interesting titles like Neo Monsters. It follows a similar approach to Pokémon games with some RPG mechanics. Moreover, Cyctus 2 is a nice music-themed game.

1. Dr. Panda Ice Cream Truck 2

2. Retro Pixel Classic

3. Devil Twins: VIP+

4.Cytus II

5. BattleTime Premium

6. Merge Monster VIP – Idle Puzzle RPG

7. Superhero Fight: Sword Battle – Action RPG Premium

8. Gemwars PRO

9. Pocket World VIP: Ilha de Exploração

10. Last Day Survival-Zombie Shooting 24H Dark Dungeon

11. Isometric Squares – puzzle ²

12. Zombie Avengers:(Dreamsky)Stickman War Z-zumbi

13. Demon Warrior Premium – Stickman Shadow Action RPG

14. Shan Gui

15. Tap Town – Soul Event

16. Dead Bunker 2 HD

17. Man-Eating Plant VIP

18. League of Stickman 2020- Ninja Arena PVP(Dreamsky)

19. 2 Player Quiz Pro

20. Timing Hero VIP: Retro Fighting Action RPG

21. Roll Adventure

22. Tower of Farming – idle RPG (Soul Event)

23. Tortuga Racing – Educational Math Racing Game

24. Dead Rain: New zombie virus

25. Terra Fighter 2 Pro

26. Superhero War Premium: Robot Fight – Action RPG

27. Defender Heroes Premium: Castle Defense – Epic TD

28. Neo Monsters

29. Grow Heroes

30. The Rich King VIP – Amazing Clicker

31. Heros Dot Ⅱ: Top Summoner

32.  Shuriken Jump

33. Dot Heroes III – Keep the Castle VIP Edition

Paid Games offered with a discount

The most appealing game here is Horizon Chase Turbo. Are you a fan of old-school racing games? The game has a nice atmosphere that will bring you back to the Snes era with games like Top Gear. Moreover, it also has a massive amount of content with unique and beautiful stages, cars, and all the retro-styled music. The list also includes VGBAnext, which is a cool emulator for playing GBA classics on your smartphones.


1. Horizon Chase 

2. Brick Game Pro

3. RPG Ascendants: Power Rising

4. VGBAnext – Universal Console Emulator 

5. Clouds & Sheep Premium

6. Clouds & Sheep 2 Premium

7. Heidi: Mountain Adventures – Kids Puzzle

8. Reckless Racing 3 

9. Save the Puppies Premium

10. Space Marshals 

11. Despotism 3k

12. Flockers

13. Magic Cookies!

14. Penarium 

15. Raid Manager

16. She Sees Red – Interactive Thriller 


18. Solitaire Dungeon Escape 2

19. The Escapists: Prison Escape 

20. The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout 

21. Worms 2: Armageddon 

22. Worms 3

23. Cannon Conquest (ALL UNLOCKS)

24. Quadris (No Ads)

25. Vive le Roi 2




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