PUBG Mobile Guide: Aim Assist Feature Explained in Detail

Unlike the console or PC games, PUBG Mobile comes with aim assist feature that allows the player to easily aim in the gameplay. One of the key aspects of any battle royale or competitive FPS game is the aiming skill. Your aiming skill throughout the match will define whether you will win it or not. Since PUBG Mobile, as the name suggests, is mobile-based, the devs decided to include aim assist feature.

Aim Assist was included due to the nature of mobile gaming which might make it hard for some to aim perfectly since there is no physical controller or keyboard/mouse. To fix this issue, the devs decided to bring this aim-assist feature to the gameplay. If you’re always wondering what this is and how it works and whether you should enable it or not, then you have come to the right place.

PUBG Mobile Guide: Aim Assist Feature Explained in Detail

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In this article, we will take a closer look at the Aim Assist feature of PUBG Mobile that almost every other gamer uses as part of the gameplay experience.

Aim Assist Feature in Detail

As you might have guessed already, Aim Assist feature allows you to increase your aim accuracy using the AI. You might have noticed your crosshair automatically dragging to the nearest player or correct spot while firing. Well, that’s AIm Assist in working. You will largely notice this feature during Team Deathmatch arena matches since there the battle is quite intense and there are multiple players in your crosshair.

Without Aim Assist, you might find it difficult to accurately shoot your opponents since there is a lack of precision hardware. If you try to explicitly connect a keyboard/mouse or controller, PUBG Mobile will detect it as an emulator. To discourage the use of emulators, PUBG decided to launch a Lite PC version of the game which is completely free.

Aim Assist – Should You Enable or Not?

Since now you know how Aim Assist feature works, it’s time to ask the foremost question i.e. Should you keep this feature enabled or just discard it altogether. Well, this largely depends on your preferences. Most of the PUBG Mobile players out there use Aim Assist feature while some pro players discourage it. If you’re new to the entire PUBG Mobile game, then you will definitely find this feature helpful.

If you’re a competitive aspirant who wants to go pro, then you might want to start playing without this feature. Disabling Aim Assist in this scenario will give you much more control and you will need that during your competitive matches.

Many players have now reached themselves to exploit the feature to some extent to get more benefit from it. For instance, your chance of getting headshots reduces slightly due to the algorithm preference of the body shots. To fix this, you can simply aim slightly above so that the cursor gets dragged down allowing you to get that headshot.


If you’re someone who is playing this game just for the sake of fun, then you don’t need to worry about this feature at all. The only person who would not think about whether to keep this feature or not is the one who wants to enter the pro or competitive scene. If you’re from the latter, then you should try playing the game with Aim Assist disabled to see how fairly you are performing. You can then always improve your gaming by more and more practice and of course, finding some exploits.

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