Evertale Now Available For Free On Play Store For A Limited Time Only

ZigZaGame Inc is popular for RPG games for mobile devices. One of their popular titles, Neo monsters was recently available for free on the Play Store. And now, Evertale is free. The original price of Evertale is $0.99 and will be available for free for the next six days i.e till June 5th. The game currently has 1,000,000+ downloads and a 4.5 rating, which isn’t bad at all.


In short, Evertale is a Pokemon rip-off in which you have to catch different types of monsters, train them, and evolve them. The world of Erden is currently suffering from a curse known as Pandemonium. In Evertale, you are a Crestbearer, or in easy words a Pokémon trainer. Your duty is to save the world, and for that, there are different monsters that will be your companion.

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To beat Pandemonium, you will need to collect, train, and evolve monsters. There is a vast variety of monsters you can collect, which is 180 in numbers. The difference from Neomonsters is that Evertale is more like a Pokemon+Final Fantasy rip-off. Although, many features are copy-pasted exactly the same from Pokemon games including you will face the monster when running in tall grass, etc. There are skills for each monster, for example, a monster is a fire type it will be effective on grass type whereas the fire type will have water as a weakness.

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Are You Ready To Uncover The Secret For Ending The Ancient Curse?

Apart from monsters, you can explore the beautiful world of Erden. You can find chests full of treasure, or meet an NPC that might offer you a quest or fight you. And the game isn’t small either. There are  6 diverse regions of Erden, each with their own unique monsters to collect. Once you get bored of exploring you can even play online in real-time PvP leagues. Or you can participate in weekly online events to get exclusive unlockables and special characters. In a nutshell, the game offers multiple features, amazing storyline, and graphics. Evertale is free only for the next six days, so better hurry!

Download Evertale on Google Play Store.

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