PUBG Mobile Announces ‘Mysterious Jungle’ Mode, Launch Set for June 1

PUBG Mobile recently announced a ‘mysterious Jungle’ mode which will soon make its way to the popular battle royale game. As per the recent tweet from the game’s official Twitter page, the new mysterious jungle mode will arrive on June 1. It seems like the devs of the game is on a roll considering how many new things they have brought to the gameplay in the last couple of weeks.

With the update 0.18.0, we saw Royale Pass Season 13 with two Cartoon ranges, Mad Miramar map and much more. We are expecting some solid additions from the next major update as well and the leaks so far have been quite satisfying.

PUBG Mobile New Mysterious Jungle Mode

Back to the Jungle Mode, the tweet doesn’t reveal much about the new game mode except the poster revealing launch date. This is not the first time we’re hearing about this game mode. In fact, we reported this mode which got leaked earlier this month. The game mode will make use of the Sanhok classic mode and will give you a more challenging experience.

You will find ancient totems across the mode finding which will result in a chance to receive blessing or items. There is no information about what type of blessings we’re looking at. There will be mysterious foods consuming which will result in some mysterious effects that can turn in your favour. Lastly, we’re looking at the addition of a hot air balloon. You can use this to scout for the enemies or the battlefield.

With that said, the new Jungle mode sounds quite interesting and might receive immense popularity from the players. Well, the launch for the mode is right around the corner and we would be able to see in real, what the mode is all about.


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