Top 3 Games To Play On 90Hz Refresh Rate Display

So you finally have that amazing 90Hz refresh rate smartphone, thanks to the reviews & news we provide on GizChina. And now you want to test out the display and enjoy the buttery-smooth display while playing games, we got you covered! Here are the Top 3 Games To Play On 90Hz Refresh Rate Display, that you should definitely try!

Top 3 Games To Play On 90Hz Refresh Rate Displays


Final Fantasy is a game that requires no introduction. In this RPG game, you will be playing in the world of the fifteenth Final Fantasy extension. The game requires a lot of touches and swipes, and hence you will be able to check out how smooth your higher refresh rate display is. Not only the graphics are breathtaking, but even the storyline also makes this RPG worth playing!


2. Pokemon GO

Did you know Pokemon GO also supports a higher refresh rate? Well yeah, it does. You have to discover Pokémons in this Augment Reality game, you have to catch more and more Pokemons around you to complete your Pokédex. And as you know you have to throw a Pokeball to catch a pocket monster, for that you will have to swipe up.  While swiping up, the higher refresh rate will shine making the game feel buttery smooth compared to a normal 60Hz refresh rate. You should definitely check out Pokemon GO on your 90Hz refresh rate smartphone!

Download Pokemon GO on Play Store

3. Gear.Club – True Racing

Gear.Club offers realistic driving and racing experience, with fully simulated engines, powertrains, suspensions, and aerodynamics. You can race on your dream car on breathtaking race tracks and exotic locations. And to spice up the gameplay, you will be able to race against your Friends through Events and Championships. And the support of a higher refresh rate makes it even better!
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