Ruinverse is a new title for turn-based RPG lovers in Android and iOS

If you’re an avid player of RPG games in the mobile, you probably are familiar with Kemco. The studio is well known for producing JRPG games with different mechanics and rich plot for smartphones. Now, the studio is unveiling Ruinverse a new turn-based RPG for Android and iOS platforms. The latest game follows the story of Kit and Allie, a girl who guards the soul of another person inside.

The pair will embark on an adventure to discover the mystery surrounding the Stone Mountains. Of course, they also intend to save Allie from her current predicament. If you’re curious, the other soul living inside of her body is called Alvyn and will switch control with Allie whenever they come into contact with Kit. Of course, players can use this as an advantage as they both have different physical and magical abilities to use in the turn-based battle.

Rich RPG mechanics, multiple characters and difficulty levels

Like other games in the genre, Ruinverse will present you with a plethora of new characters to help you in the journey. Talking about RPG mechanics, the game has a deep customization system through skill trees. You can focus in a particular skill or become competent in a variety of them. Moreover, players will be able to choose and equip different characters with specific gear and also will be able to select multiple battle formations.

Ruinverse is a turn-based RPG for iOS and Android that follows a ...

As soon as you figure the best combination of formations and gear, you’ll be in an excellent form to face the various threats of this world. Of course, the game has different difficulty settings and if you’re looking for a story-driven game, you can select the casual game where the combat is pretty easy.

The game is available on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a premium game that costs $8,99 and $7,99 for Android and iOS respectively. We believe that it worths the price if you’re a fan of the genre. Moreover, you won’t need to deal with gacha mechanics, it’s a full-fledged experience.


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