Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Now Available on Play Store

Square Enix recently announced the next addition to its Kingdom Hearts franchise namely Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory for the West. The game is announced for all the popular platforms including our favorite Nintendo Switch console. Well, the publisher has recently also announced another title namely Kingdom Hearts Dark Road but for the Android smartphone.

For those who’re unaware, the Dark Road is a standalone game that falls under the Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. It is worth noting that the game arrives as an update to Union X instead of a discrete app. Furthermore, the Dark Road is the same game that you might have heard with the codename Project Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is a card battle game with a story that revolves around Xenahort. You will finally be available to put yourself in the foot of Xenahort. The game will help you uncover the story behind why the villain of Kingdom Hearts became the seeker of darkness.

The key features of the games are mentioned down below:

  • You get the deck of  30 cards so that you can engage in thrilling, strategic battles.
  • a leveling system that works even in auto mode.
  • Defeating the enemies and uncovering the stories behind

With that said, the game is now available on the Play Store for download. If you’re excited about the title and have been a fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, then you should definitely try out this title.


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