Metal Slug Code: J is a beautiful re-imagination of the classic coming for iOS and Android

A few days ago, I’ve wrote about the Switch Fighter accessory for Nintendo Switch and how it aims to bring back the good feeling of Arcade Machines. Besides some classic fighting games, it also made remind of Metal Slug. It is a legendary series of side-scrolling shooting with nice visuals, animations, and characters full of charisma. The series had been in a long hiatus, but now, it seems that it is coming back from the dead! SNK and PUBG Mobile developer TiMi Studios are bringing Metal Slug Code: J to Android and iOS. The new game will bring all the feelings of the side-scrolling action to iOS and Android in a close future.

The game features a new visual that tries to modernize the 2D sprites from the past with some 3D elements here and there. In my opinion, the final result is fairly positive as it feels like a Metal Slug Game and the new visual doesn’t hurt my memories like some modern Final Fantasy remakes for Mobile did. Well, I can even see some familiar environments and scenarios, though the game doesn’t seem to be a common remake. There are new mechanics that included mixing 3D gameplay with the side-scrolling experience. In the end, the game campaign feels like a mix of multiple entries of the Metal Slug series. This isn’t something bad at all.

Apart from the changes, you can feel the very same run-and-gun action through this video. The trailer also reveals what we can expect in terms of the touchscreen controls. There is a on-screen thumbstick and plenty of skill-specific buttons. We all know how you might be anxious to jump in this nostalgic bandwagon, but we should advert, don’t hold your breath!

Metal Slug Code: J is a only a working title right now, it may take some time to be ready. Moreover, SNK is also developing a new Metal Slug game for home consoles. So the studio might be busy. Despite the waiting time, we’re sure that we players will get a good game with a nostalgic and fun experience. TiMi Studios has a solid track record when it comes to bringing beloved IPs to mobile. If you want to check the full press release check the source code.



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