Nintendo Switch: Two maintenance scheduled, find timings here!

Nintendo has now announced two upcoming maintenances for its Switch console services. The maintenance will take place over the course of the upcoming days. As per the company, the maintenance will not interfere with your gaming experience too much. With that said, the update can interfere with some of the online services.

To keep you updated and save your time, we decided to list the schedule depending on the region in this article. As mentioned earlier, there are two maintenance scheduled. One targets the ‘Save Data Cloud’ while the other goes for ‘Transfer Your User Data’ or ‘Transfer Your Save Data’. It is worth noting that Nintendo has mentioned that during the maintenance window, network services might not be available.

If that’s the case, then you will not be able to play the games that required online connection. You can still play the offline titles though.

Two maintenance scheduled for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Maintenance

Coming to the schedule, the two slots of maintenance are mentioned down below. You can refer to that and prepare your gaming usage accordingly.

Save Data Cloud

US: 29th June, 6pm PT – 8pm PT / 29th June 9pm ET – 11pm ET
 30th June, 2am – 4am
 30th June, 3am CEST – 5am CEST

Transfer Your User Data / Transfer Your Save Data

US: 29th June, 9:30pm PT – 10:30pm PT / 30th June, 12:30am ET – 1:30am ET
 30th June, 5:30am – 6:30am
 30th June, 6:30am CEST – 7:30am CEST

With that said, these are just maintenance windows meaning we might not see firmware updates coming our way. Even if it arrives, we are not expecting anything major to arrive.


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