PUBG Mobile Guide: All the known locations of Vending Machines

PUBG Mobile recently introduced the Vending Machines to its gameplay experience which comes in quite handy more than you think so. The Vending Machines are currently available only in Miramar map or should we say Mad Miramar map. For those who’re unaware, we saw numerous additions to the Miramar map as a part of the Mad Miramar update.

Well, it is quite complicated and cumbersome to find the Vending Machines during your intense gameplays in the game. Of course, you will be able to find the machines if you are only doing that but that is generally not the case. Furthermore, it is hidden all across the map meaning it is literally hard to know all the locations. To save you all the hassle, we decided to create a guide for this very problem.

PUBG Mobile: List of all known locations of Vending Machines

Before we talk about the location, it is necessary to know what these Vending Machines actually do. Well, the Vending Machines consist of Energy Drinks that you can get by tapping on the Purchase button. The machine can drop up to 8 energy drinks at a time. With that cleared up, let’s look at the known location.

PUBG Mobile

  • Los Leones
  • Chumacera
  • El Pozo
  • Pecado

These are the top locations for vending machines. It is worth noting that Vending Machines spawns randomly within the location. You can also refer to the image down below to see the most popular buildings for the spawn.

With that said, there is no precise location for the spawning of the Vending Machine. Keeping the top locations and these most likely buildings, you can easily find the Vending Machines whenever you are in need of Energy Drinks.


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