COVID-19: Find out about the Nintendo’s upcoming game launch strategy

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for the game industry, many companies still saw some significant impact either on production or on game development. Well, Nintendo is one of those companies. Earlier this year, Nintendo officially admitted that the production capacity of the company has been affected. In fact, we saw all the Switch consoles remaining out of stock for some large amount of time across the globe.

Earlier this week, Nintendo provided us with an update on its production capacity. The company claimed that it is recovering and the supply issues will soon fade away. Well, we now have an update from the company on the game development.

Nintendo Game Development Update Revealed

Nintendo Switch
Credit: USAToday

During its 80th General shareholders meeting Q&A, Nintendo talked about its game development schedule giving us an important update. Well, it looks like the current lineup of the game will see no delays due to the pandemic. This means that the upcoming titles such as Paper Mario: The Origami King will definitely release on Switch next month. It is safe to assume for the next couple of months, the game should release as per the provided schedule.

Sadly, the company also mentioned that if the pandemic continues, we might see further delays down the road. This means that few titles that were scheduled to launch later this year might end up seeing some delays due to coronavirus pandemic. You can find the translated version of the update interpreted by Nintendo Life contributor Robert Sephazon, down below.

“Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer Shinya Takahashi says Nintendo has faced development delays due to COVID-19, but it will not affect upcoming releases. In the future, if the pandemic continues, there could be delays in future development and releases”.

Hopefully, we will see some improvements both in terms of supplies and game development from Nintendo. At the time of writing this, you can expect a few upcoming titles to release without any delay.


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