The Longest Night House of Killer, an horror game, is free until this Friday July 3rd

Are you a fan of horror games? Do you like the immersive experience of games first-person horror games like Resident Evil 7 or Outlast? How about getting a mixture of these two titles on your smartphone? The Longest Night: House of Killer is a horror game for Android featuring nice graphics and a dark atmosphere. The game is paid, but it’s free for a limited time on Android. You can grab this nice game until this Friday, July 3. We recommend you to get it, even if it’s not your cup of tea. Just click on install and then cancel the download. This way the game will be on your library forever.

Interestingly enough, this game already has a free version on Google Play Store. However, this particular version is just for testing purposes and has only part of the game. The complete game is only available in the paid version, and you can get it for free now.

In The Longest Night House of Killer, the player is trapped in a scary room. When you leave this scene, you notice that someone injected a string into his neck. When walking with difficulty in a corridor, you’ll see some scary things. However, you’ll need to have far to realize the dangerous situation you’re into. The game will set you to solve several puzzles through the search for a way out of this mess. You’ll need to escape from a murderer and fight for your life. The best thing is that this game has nice graphics providing an immersive experience. If our quick intro isn’t enough for you, just have a look into the trailer below:

The full experience comes with the full games and there are no ads or any intrusive stuff to mess with your gameplay experience. Make sure to game this jewel of horror games until this Friday.

Download it here

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