Nintendo Switch: Official Pikachu Switch Joy-Con Grip Now Up for Pre-Orders

If you’re looking to customize your Nintendo Switch and want that electrifying appearance, then you should definitely check this new accessory out. We’re talking about a brand-new and officially-licensed Joy-Con grip for your Switch console. The grip is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and comes with a price tag of $14.99. It is worth noting that the grip will work exactly like Nintendo’s official release. This means that it will allow you to hold both the joy-con comfortably.

Nintendo Switch: Get Your officially licensed Pikachu Joy-Con Grip Now!

Nintendo Switch

The best part about this exciting grip is the fact that it has Pikachu on the front and comes with that electrifying yellow colour. Well, the Amazon listing mentions some key features of the Pikachu inspired Joy-Con grip. As per the listing, the grip is lightweight and offers ergonomic design. This will come in handy if you tend to game on your Switch for long hours.

For an added comfort, the grip comes with double-injected rubber grips. You can easily slide-in securing each Joy-Con. It also has a visible player indicator lights. The best part is this is officially licensed by Nintendo, offering you a two-year limited warranty.

As mentioned earlier, the accessory is up for pre-order on Amazon. Coming to the availability, the grip will see its official release on August 15. If you can wait for a month, then you should definitely go ahead and order this. This will give your Joy-Con a new touch and will offer that electrifying Pikachu effect in aesthetics.

You can find more images on the Pikachu Joy-Con grip down below:


Nintendo Switch Pikachu Joy-Con grip

Nintendo Switch Pikachu Joy-Con grip


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