PUBG Mobile Guide: Here’s how to get a free Rename Card in 2020

Just like most games out there, PUBG Mobile also doesn’t allow the players to change their name once assigned. This means that you will have to stick with the first Gamertag that you used while signing up. Well, you are now stuck with that embarrassing name that you used when you were new to the game. Let me tell you one thing – changing your name in PUBG Mobile isn’t that easy unless you have the magic Rename Card. As the name suggests, the Rename Card allows players to change their name. The foremost question is how one can attain this magic card that can help you get that awesome Gamertag that you were keeping your eye on.

In this article, we’re going to show you some methods that you can try in order to get yourself a free Rename Card. Hopefully, the guide will work out in your favour.

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PUBG Mobile: How to get free Rename Card?

Well, there are four ways that you can get yourself a Rename Card which will allow you to change your Gamertag or username or display name (whatever you would like to call it).

Method 1 – First-time login reward on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Guide

If you’re unaware, the moment you sign up for the PUBG Mobile for the very first time, you receive a Rename Card as a signup reward. There is a solid chance that you are not aware of this and there might be an available Rename Card in your inventory after all. We will recommend checking your inventory before you go ahead and follow the other mentioned methods.

Method 2 – Progress Missions

PUBG Mobile

If you’re new to the world of PUBG Mobile and have already received your free Rename Card, then no worries – you can easily receive another Rename Card for free. For this, you will need to complete the progress missions from Level 1 to Level 10. Once completed, you will see the Rename Card on the bottom left corner as a reward. Just tap on it and there you go, it will now appear on your inventory. You can use this to change your display name once again.

Method 3 – Returner Reward

PUBG Mobile Guide

PUBG Mobile has this returner reward that is available for only those who are a returning player. This means that you are playing the game after taking a huge amount of pause. We’re looking at weeks here. If you have stopped playing the game altogether and it’s been more than 15 days, then you will see this returned reward section. Of course, you will need to complete some missions to avail the reward. Well, one of the rewards is the free Rename Card. If you desperately want a free card, then you can try to be one of those returning players.

Method 4 – Weekly Crew Coin

PUBG Mobile

Lastly, all you can do is use your weekly crew coin in the Shop section inside the Crew option. For those who’re unaware, there is a Crew Coin that you achieve by completing crew-related missions. Well, there is a solid chance that you already have enough coins to get yourself a free Rename Card. Head over to Crew>>Shop and purchase a Rename Card using the free Crew Coin.


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