Top Temporarily Free Games On Play Store This Week (July 3rd)

The weekend is coming, well every weekday seems like a weekend these days. One of the best ways to enjoy during the pandemic is to play games and here are the top 5 temporarily free games on Google Play Store. The games are free for a limited time only, the games range from $0.99 to even $9.99, so grab the games before the sale ends!

Here Are The Top Temporarily Free Games:

1. Superhero Fruit 2 Premium: Robot Fighting

SuperHero Fruit 2 brings you a challenging RPG game for kids. Your aim as a warrior is to wipe out enemies and obstacles. The fighting robot battle experience is enhanced by the premium version which is free for the next 4 days. Some of the features of the premium game are:

Unlock the second gun
Free 200 gems and 10.000 gold.
5 Health Potions FREE
Free 5 Mana Potions.
No interstitial ads.

Download Superhero Fruit 2 Premium

2. Dot Heroes III – Keep the Castle VIP Edition

It is a strategy game in which monsters have invaded your peaceful town. And you must defend your town against the monsters. For that, you will need to raise your hero and upgrade skills. This is a fun strategy game that you can get for free for the next four days. The VIP Edition gives you 200 gems which are worth $10 as said at the game’s description.

Download Dot Heroes III

3. Dot Heroes Ⅱ: Top Summoner

Top Temporarily Free Games On Play Store This Week (July 3rd)

This is the predecessor of Dot Heroes III. Like part 3, it is also a strategy game. Use your heroes strategically to win the battles. If you are a strategy lover, then you can check this game out. This version will give you 200 gems and no annoying ads will be displayed. The game is free for the next four days as well.

Download Dot Heros II

4. Bermuda Triangle Pro

Top Temporarily Free Games On Play Store This Week (July 3rd)

Bermuda Triangle is a casual triangle game in which you have to destroy planes and boats and to conquer the whole world. Well, the mission seems too dark to me. Anyways, To destroy objects, you need to match the color with the side of the triangle or the color of the triangle. There is also a story mode to keep you attached to the game. You can get the game free till the next 2 days.

Download Bermuda Triangle

5. [VIP] +9 God Blessing Knight – Cash Knight

Screenshot Image

There is much negative feedback on the game even though it is the most expensive on the list. In this game, you have to make your hero. The hero is on a journey and your mission is to improve your skills. The idle RPG features a variety of gameplay including e Soul Dungeon, Memory Dungeon, Infinite Dungeon, Boss Dungeon, and PVP.  You can grab the game free till the next four days.

Download [VIP] +9 God Blessing Knight – Cash Knight

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