Dragon Quest Tact is reaching Google Play Store in Japan on July 16

Dragon Quest is one of the most important game series for the lovers of the RPG genre. The game developed by Enix basically introduced the genre in home consoles and still has a huge amount of fans nowadays with its latest entry being Dragon Quest XI. Now, Square-Enix is preparing to deploy the first game of the series exclusively made for smartphones – Dragon Quest Tact.

Dragon Quest Tact, as the name suggests, is a tactical RPG and it will reach Google Play Store in Japan on July 16. The game went through its closed beta test phase last month. It sees you engaging enemy monsters in turn-based battles on a grid-based map. As you fight you acquire new abilities, strategies and level-up your monsters. You’ll also be able to recruit new monsters to your cause and then train them up. If you’re familiar with the series, you’ll see a lot of familiar monsters here.

Dragon Quest Tact is an upcoming tactical RPG for iOS and Android ...

As a good mobile game, the battles can be fought automatically, but you can take every action on your own. Of course, there are a lot of RPG elements playing a role in these battles. Each ability has a type, range, and effect. The game may feel generic for those who are not familiar with the series. But it has most of the classic elements found in the series. Moreover, Dragon Quest’s creator Yuji Horii is directly involved in this game. So it’s a nice reason to stick with it if you’re a fan of the series.

Dragon Quest Tact will be free-to-play. Of course, we may see Square-Enix Gacha mechanics playing a role in this game as well. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know if this game will make way to the west, but it’s very probably.

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