Temporarily Free Games On Play Store This Week (July 10)

Friday means new temporarily free games on Google Play Store. You can timepass in this pandemic by playing games and here are the top 5 temporarily free games on Google Play Store. The games are free from 10th July 2020 to different dates, hence grab these games before the time runs out.

Here Are The Top Temporarily Free Games Of 10th July:


1. Superhero Fight: Sword Battle – Action RPG Premium

This game was also free earlier and now again the $1.99 title is free. In this RPG battle game, you have to save Earth from the robot monsters, join the battle to fight the monster army as they contest for universal power. The sale ends in the next 2 days, hence grab it fast. You will get the following features on the premium title:

Unlock Cliff hero.
Free 200 diamonds.
Free 10.000 golds.
No interstitial ads.

Download SuperHero Fight Free 

2. ABC Memory Match

It is a very simple memory game in which the goal is to improve your memorization skills. The game is designed for the entire family and suitable for people of all ages.
There are difficulty levels for all age level users. The original price of the title is $0.99 and is free for the next three days.

Download ABC Memory Match

3. Summer Pro – AD-FREE

Screenshot Image

Another mind game for the geniuses. This game is specially designed for the lovers of Maths Puzzles and Brain Teasers. The game is inspired by the original game Kakuro. According to the description of the game, here are some of the features:

Improves attention span and focusing capabilities.
Relieve stress and learn the addition of numbers in a fun way.
Improves your Math Knowledge specifically in terms of addition of numbers

Download Summer Pro – AD-FREE

4. Sudden Warrior Plus (Tap RPG)

Sudden Warrior Plus is an action RPG game where you have to manage your warrior. The warrior is on a mission with fun and thrilling battles. There is also a free version of this game however the premium game offers 200 magic stones. It will be free for the next four days.

5. Color Link Deluxe VIP

Screenshot Image

Color Link is a puzzle game in which you have to build tubes of different colors to completely cover the grid. With polished touch interaction and soothing background music, Color Link seems like a good puzzle game.

Download Color Link Deluxe VIP

If you liked these temporarily Free Games On Play Store, then stay tuned as we post the list every week.

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