LifeAfter, NetEase’s survival game will receive a Resident Evil themed event

LifeAfter is a popular zombie and survival horror game from NetEase. All fans of the survival horror genre will experience an epic adventure now that the game will enter an epic collaboration with the Resident Evil franchise. Content from Capcom’s legendary survival-horror franchise will be added to the game. The collaboration will be launched at a special event that begins on August 27 and runs through September 10.

The Racoon City Police Department, the main setting for Resident Evil 2, will be included in the mobile game Life After. Moreover, players will be able to find some terrible enemies from RE franchise like Mister X, Nemesis, Executioner Majini, and Tyrant G Stage 2. As you can see, the collaboration will not only bring content from Resident Evil 2 but from RE 3 and RE 5 as well.

Of course, Resident Evil is more than just a game featuring dreadful enemies and horrific encounters. The game includes a plethora of puzzles and if you enjoy then you’ll be glad to know that they’re coming as well. Moreover, LifeAfter players will also find some Resident Evil easter eggs during the event.

If you’re a long-standing fan of the franchise, you’ll be able to experience the event with some nice skins of Leon S Kennedy and Ada Wong. The dogs will also have some zombie-themed skins.

Once the event starts, players will be able to log in the game to receive the following prizes:

  • Ada Wong statue
  • Special Frame
  • Prize Package – 1 Special Pickaxe, 1 x Pacemaker, 3 x Bandages and more

NetEase also wants to build the hype for the upcoming event. For that reason, it will be giving prizes during the seven days prior to the event. You just need to make the login and pre-register on the event’s hotsite.

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