Raziel a new Action RPG from Tencent is on beta-testing for Android

Tencent is one of the most important names in the current mobile gaming scene. After amassing millions of users worldwide with popular games such as PUBG Mobile, the studio is preparing a new Action RPG for the lovers of the genre. The game is dubbed Raziel and has just entered the Open beta testing phase on Android. The game is quite similar to Diablo. Raziel comes with high-resolution graphics and modern gameplay mechanics. The game focuses on the single-player experience and offers up to 60 dungeons.

For now, the game currently sits on the beta testing phase. You can play and enjoy the beta, however, all data will be erased after the beta testing is done. The game is available for free, however, it requires an online connection.

Despite the online requirement, the game provides a full-fledged single-player experience with the aforementioned 60 Dungeons. If you think that the experience is too hard, you can freely invite your friends to play co-op or face them in the PvP arena to earn some useful items.

Worth noting that the game has been available in China since 2019. Now, it is finally giving bold steps to reach the global audience. Raziel quite resembles some popular games like Diablo and Wolrd of Warcraft offering a full-fledged cinematic experience.

The game probably will hit iOS devices as well. For now, the beta-testing is only available for Android. Unfortunately, we still need to wait for an official launch date.



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