“Girabox” A Popular Puzzle Game Is Coming To Mobile Devices

Condedical Games is now bringing Girabox to mobile phones. The developers of the game contracted to Crescent Moon Games. Together they are bringing a popular steam game to mobile devices. According to the tweet of developers, the game will be launched this fall. The cost of the game is not announced yet. Also, there are no confirmed mobile platforms in which it is going to be released. 

Straightforward yet addictive

The game itself is a puzzle game. A mind-blowing puzzle, not a simple old school kind. However its a little straightforward minimalist game. The graphics and rotating world will amaze you too much, which will insist you to play the next stage. The goals are very toxic which live stick you and force you to complete it as soon as possible. There is no time limit but the suspense to go on next will force you. The good thing about the game is it didn’t bound you to anyone. That’s the reason why this game has been a success. 

Mind-Blowing Levels

So, there is a tweet about the game who started all of these things. In that tweet the developers talk about the “mind-blowing levels” and the release time, when it’s going to release. They didn’t mention platforms clearly but they mention mobile phones. The gameplay was also uploaded in which you can see the graphics and direction of the game. The movement of the camera according to levels is dope.

The game Girabox is coming on mobile devices later this year. The price of the game is not confirmed. There are rumors that the game will be free of cost. However, it is very unlikely. Some of them ask if it will come with an in-app purchase, yeah it can be possible but there is not any personalization in the game who needs to be upgraded.  If you want to play the game now, it is available on Steam otherwise for it to release on the mobile platform. What are your thoughts about this puzzle game? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: PocketGamer


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