Pac-Man Geo Turns The Real-world Into Mazes

Namco Bandai has announced PAC-Man Geo which is an augmented reality game suitable for mobiles and tablets based on the unguided permit. This game is only suitable for android users and is not available on the Apple App Store.

You may be thinking as the new Pac-man Geo is like other augmented reality games like the Witchers: Monster Slayer or Pokemon GO. Yes, but there is something special about the game. This game comes with the new features where your game world and real-world is connected. It will not only change your game world into the real world but also modify your game maps according to your real world’s roads and streets. So this game is very easy to play, or you may get stuck due to the map issue.

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Pac-man Geo has taken this map issue seriously and trying to solve the issue by you selecting your map. Yes, this game connects to your Google Map, and through it, you can take your layout data from three to create your level and complete it with power-ups, ghosts, and power pallets. So, in the game, you would play according to the information you have added to the level.

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Newyork, Paris, Tokyo, and many other famous landmarks have created their map with a variety of real-world streets. So you have to earn the highest scores to collect landmark from the famous places in the world on unique real-world streets. 

Now Open for Pre-Registration

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The game has recently made its appearance on the Play Store. You can only pre-register the game. This will ensure that the game is downloaded automatically once it is out. Hopefully, this game is free of cost but no idea what these IAPs will cost. But for me, this is the game I feel excited about. One could be playing a maze around my own map. It will feel great to make my street look like a maze. Secondly, enjoying the Pacman that I am playing since my childhood. Yes, it will bring back a lot of memories.

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