Azure Saga: Pathfinder is coming soon to iOS

Azure Saga: Pathfinder will soon be joining the iOS portfolio of JRPG games. This particular title is available on Steam since 2018 and reached Nintendo Switch last year. Now, mobile games will be able to experience this game on the iOS side of coin. It will land in the App Store on September 23rd and will be a premium title. It means that you’ll pay a full price, but will free of gacha elements. So far, the user reviews on Steam are quite positive.


You’ll experience the game in a isometric perspective with 2.5D graphics. The game brings the old-school JRPG elements from the 90’s to a modern atmosphere. You’ll find the good and old turn-based combat with story-focused elements to entice the player. It’s a post-apocalyptical game where the humanity had to survive in colonies across the universe. The survivors are doing their best to survive and meanwhile look for Azure, a planet full of resources that could be the last ray of hope to prevent an extinction.

You’ll be playing as Synch, a young scientist who embarks on an adventure to meet new companions and find his father. You’ll venture through the space and experience fun scenes and gameplay.

As aforementioned, it’s a turn-based combat with random encounters across the map. You’ll need to mix your characters for unique skills and better strategies for every enemy. You have a wide array of skills and equipment to select. As aforementioned, it brings most of the systems present on old-school JRPGs.

Although we describe this as a premium title it is quite cheap at $3.99 and offers a lot of content. The game costs more on Nintendo Switch and Steam, so if you have an iOS/iPadOS device, it’s the best place to find it. Azure Saga: Pathfinder will land in a couple of days from now, on September 23rd.
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