Swap-Swap Panda is now swapping its route to Android

If you’re an Android player with an avid will of playing platforming games with beautiful art-style, we have good news. The celebrated studio behind Drop Wizard and Super Cat Tales 2 is bringing Swap-Swap Panda to Android! The game is a beautiful Adventure pixel-art platformer that sees your venturing through multiple and hard stages with a Red Panda a Monochrome Panda.

Your objective here is to venture through the states to retrie cupcakes that were stolen by malicious ninjas. Of course, describing your objective is easier than actually succcedding in this mission, as the ninjas will not hand you their stolen cupcakes. You’ll need to find your way and navigate with the Pandas. You switch from one to the other as each one brings a unique set of abilities. As the name suggests, you’ll swap them during the whole game. It’s a game about teamwork, but with only one player.

You Pands can swim, climb through the edges, jump and more. However, you’ll need to find which Panda is perfect for every specific job. The game brings 20 distinct locations to traverse with a variety of unique puzzles.

Swap-Swap Panda is now making way to Google Play Store. It’s a free-to-play title, but you can pay $3.99 through an in-app purchase. This will bring some goodies and remove the annoying ads.


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