Super Mario’s It’s-A Me, Mario action figure is now up for grabs in US

Apart from a Super Mario Party & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle, Nintendo has also announced a new Mario action figure. The company has collaborated with Jakks Pacific to bring forth this new “ultimate” It’s-A Me, Mario! action figure. This new 12-inch tall Mario action figure is specially designed for kids of all ages.

The action figure comes packed with over 30 phrases and sound effects. As you might have guessed, all these voices and sound effects are from the character’s iconic video game history. In fact, the figure comes with phrases such as “woo-hoo”, “it’s-a me” and many more like this. To active these sound effects, there are trigger points located on Mario’s hands, feet, and hat.

To keep things even more interesting, you can post your Mario in five different poses. Doing this will unlock game music that you can enjoy. If you lift the Mario quickly, then you will hear a jumping sound from Mario’s iconic game.

It’s-A Me, Mario action figures up for grabs: price, availability

The all-new It’s-A Me, Mario action figure is already up for grabs in the United States. The figure will set you back by $49.99. Interested buyers can purchase from Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, and Target. The action figure needs two AA batteries to run and those are included as well.

The features of this new action figure sound pretty interesting and make a perfect option for kids who love Mario. Are you planning to buy the same? Do let us know in the comments down below.



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