Black Desert Mobile Hadum’s Realm update brings a ton of new content

A couple of weeks ago, we saw a teaser for a new update to Black Desert Mobile set to introduce Hadum’s Realm region to the mobile MMORPG. The place is described as a place that lurks in the darkness and is ruled over by Hadum, the Goddes of Darkness.

The realm is full of periculous forces and only the bravest will survive there. Users will need to be protected through the use of Holy Water. Once they get the necessary preparations, they’ll be able to fight against the powerful enemies created by the Goddes of Darkness. Besides this new area, Pearl Abyss is also introducing a set of new sidequests and other content to the game.

Players may need to grind a little through the available enemies to become stronger before diving into the new challenges. A good place to evolve would be to take part in World Boss Season 3. The new bosses will provide a fresh batch of rewards once defeated. The update also introduces a new shop to the world of Black Desert Mobile. It will stock a variety of special items and an Auto-Awakened Enhancement System. It allows players to upgrade their gear to a higher level before facing the new challenges that await them.

Black Desert Mobile: Nova região é anunciada! - The Game Times

The update will add the eleventh skill to all available classes in the MMORPG. This will give players an additional way to build the characters for the new dreadful enemies.

Black Desert Mobile is a free game available on the App Store and Google Play Store. It’s a free-to-play game with some in-app purchases here and there.
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