Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown making way to App Store

If you’re familiar with old-school puzzle and adventure games that don’t prioritize graphics over gameplay, then you probably are familiar with Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown. The game is inspired by the Atari Classic Chip’s Challenge and is making way to iOS App Store on Thursday.

The game sees you using multi-colored Hazmat suits for protection against the hazardous environments as they face chemical spills, giant viruses, and other undesirable lab accidents. We also have the “Cleaners”, these individuals have kidnapped your pet fox and pose a greater threat to you through your venture in the facility. You need to put them in their right place and rescue your loved pet.

Hazmat Hijinks

The game currently brings 100 levels to beat. That translates into around 25 hours of content. It’s not common to see games providing a full single-player experience on the mobile segment. National Spork also introduced some hidden secrets within the facility and easter eggs to keep players and engaged. Moreover, it’s a good way or reason to replay this game. This is further endorsed by the presence of multiple endings and a puzzle that can only be solved in real life. Pretty unique and fun right?

National Spork studio comes from Tod Powers with the goal of making elaborate games with unique art-style. Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown release also comes with a small magazine filled with information on the game. But that’s something that not everyone will get access to.

Hazmat Hijinks, a Challenging Puzzle Adventure Game

The game will hit iOS App Store this Thursday, 1st October with a $1.99 price. We believe that it really worths the price since provides a unique single-player experience without annoying ads or gacha mechanics. This is a nice way to incentive a studio to keep its unique style in a market flooded by similar games. For now, it’s unclear if the game will make way to Google Play Store. However, a more expensive version is making way to Windows through Steam and Mac PCs with a $9.99 price tag.


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