Monster Farm 2 Comes With 400 Monsters & New Features

“Koei Tecmo Games Co. LTD” developed a new game called Monster Farm 2. As the name suggests, the game revolves around monsters. The game was launched earlier, and haven’t got much popularity despite good looking gameplay. The game is available for Android devices.

The story of the game is as simple as it is. You have eggs of monsters. Your work is to breed them. One by one you breed a lot of monsters and the fun part is actually you fight against other monsters. There are some CDs through which you can produce very rare monsters which have more power and defeat other monsters easily. Different CDs will produce different Monsters with different capabilities. To sum it all up, the game revolves around: Disc stones, raising monsters, and fight against other monsters.

More than 400 Monsters

Screenshot Image

The quantity and abilities of the monsters are versatile. In count, there are more than 400 monsters. The abilities and qualities depend on the monster. Some monsters could have the same abilities but do not have the same shape. All the monsters are made up of different shapes which are the difficult part of the game. This game may look similar to a Facebook game Dragon City but there are a lot of differences between Monster Farm 2 and Dragon City.

Be the “Master” and the “strongest breeder”!

Some additional features of the game including the Official Tournament where you can compete with other players. SNS sharing function allows you to take screenshots of the monster and share it with your friends. It is good that the developers have worked hard on nationwide rivals, where you can compete against other monsters in real-time.

Currently, this game is limited to Japan. The theme of the game doesn’t look bad. People who like Pokemon’s original games will like this game. According to developers, they will launch it in the west but there is no news about it. Also, there is no news to release it on other platforms like Nintendo Switch, PC, or iOS. But soon we will see it on other devices. You can download the game now on Google Play Store.

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Vihaan Kulkarni
Vihaan Kulkarni
15. 10. 2020 7:44

It’s only limited to Japan. Would take a long time to even feature in the Indian version. © 2020.  (Gizchina Media s.r.o.) All rights reserved.

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